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Intro & Advanced DNS and BIND Topics [Hands-On] Orlando, United States, 08 June, 2015 - 12 June, 2015

Introduction to DNS & BIND [Hands-On] Orlando, United States, 08 June, 2015 - 09 June, 2015

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F Root

ISC has operated F-Root, one of the world’s thirteen root name servers, since 1994. We also provide secondary DNS hosting for 50 ccTLDs around the world.

F-Root is distributed using “anycast” technology with 57 operational locations carrying ~25% of all root name server traffic, and operating an average 16,000 queries per second.

We welcome inquiries from sites interested in hosting and sponsoring a new F Root node.  Read our Network Operations Report for 2014.

We have just added our newest F-root node, in Luanda, Angola, in February, 2015. We promoted our Amsterdam node to be our first Global node outside the US in early March. F-root nodes in Santiago, Chile and Rome, Italy have fresh new hardware.


  • Partial EDNS compliance hampers deployment of new DNS features

    We at ISC want to encourage networking people around the Internet to focus attention for a few minutes on an obscure topic, EDNS compliance. EDNS is currently supported on better than 90% of all DNS servers ISC surveyed recently (research report). The percentage of DNS servers on the Internet that support EDNS drops significantly from 90% with some support, to 60 - 85% when you look at full compliance. As we add more applications that rely on...

  • Decommissioning the DLV

    The ISC DLV Registry has been available since 2006, and ISC has been happy to provide the service. However, due to the great progress that native DNSSEC has made, we have decided that it is time to wind down the project. If you have a zone already in DLV that could validate properly to the Root, we'd like you to remove it from DLV. In 2016, we plan to stop accepting zones that could validate to the...


Thank You

Recent individual contributors include:

John Allen

Alexander Apke

Stefanos Charchalakis

Torfinn Ingolfsen

Michael Machado

Olaf Menzel

Jeremy Pougnet

Mark Zachlod


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